Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Coffee trends in Sydney right now

Drinking coffee is big right now. Sydneysiders can’t get enough of it. Everyone is drinking it, taking photos of it and looking for the best coffee experience to share with their friends. Some people have their favourite cafe that they go to religiously and others like to try new experiences. So what is trending coffee-wise in Sydney right now?

Coffee in a cone

An Instagram favourite around the world, coffee in a chocolate lined cone has hit Sydney’s shores. You can choose from an espresso or cappuccino which creates a dessert like effect. It will cost you around $5.50 and needs to be consumed quickly. Visit @coffeeinaconeaus on Instagram for some inspiring photos and locations of where to find this delicious treat.

De-constructed coffee

This is a do-it-yourself experience to get your coffee just as you like it. You will receive three individual glasses, one containing espresso, one containing hot water and one with steamed milk. Some people will think this is lazy service but it is featured on many menus in this city of coffee lovers. De-constructed hot chocolate is also available for those that like a sweeter option.

Rainbow coffee

Food dyes are being added in a creative way to the steamed milk applied to the top of lattes. Rainbow coffees are another trend featuring heavily on Instagram and being teamed with a variety of rainbow coloured pastries. It is not for everyone But is certainly a trend of the moment. Check out #rainbow coffee.

Coffee tasting board

This trend is featured at an establishment not long opened and voted one of Sydney’s best new cafes; The Grounds City. Inspired by the 1920s no detail has been spared on both the decor and the menu. The coffee tasting board features four of their Single Origin coffees brewed in different ways. With 17 hot drinks available there is definitely something for coffee lovers here.
In a fast paced coffee world, there is always something new up and coming. Other trends to look out for are:

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