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4 Reasons Why Coffee in Australia is the Best

If there’s one country on the planet that’s well-known for its specialty coffee culture, it’s definitely Australia.

Over the years, Australia has become home to the best-tasting specialty brews which has created a coffee culture that is as serious as it is unique. You may remember when Melbourne was crowned as one of the world’s coffee capitals or when the popular chain Starbucks closed down 70% of their Australian shops after losing almost $143M? This is clear proof that we take our coffee seriously and that there’s no room in our country for an average cup of Joe.

But what is it that makes coffee in Australia so good?

1. The experience is unique.

Our local cafes completely understand that drinking coffee is about more than just the caffeine hit; it’s also a form of relaxation and socialising. Which is why Australian cafes make sure they not only provide great coffee and great service but they also provide a complete coffee drinking experience.

Australia's coffee culture is also solidly focused on the many different types and varieties of specialty coffee. As Fleur Studd, the founder of Melbourne’s Market Lane, says, “When you walk into many cafes now, the barista will be able to tell you where your coffee was grown, who produced it, and what variety it is. You will often be offered coffee brewed as filter as well as espresso. The menu will showcase coffees that are in season and specialty grade, and the labels on retail bags of beans will tell you when it was harvested and roasted.” You see? It's serious business!

2. Australian baristas push the boundaries when it comes to their coffee art.

It's also our local baristas’ creativity that sets our coffee industry apart from the rest. They have already perfected their lattes, macchiatos and our own invention the flat white. But they also aren’t afraid to experiment with different kinds of caffeinated beverages and Australia leads the way when it comes to new coffee trends. Think turmeric lattes, unicorn coffee, and avocado lattes.

3. We have access to high-quality coffee beans and cutting-edge equipment

No wonder we are able to serve the rarest and the best-tasting coffee, our exciting coffee industry is supported by lots dedicated industry groups and major events here in Australia that help to expand the availability of unique coffee beans for roasters and cafe owners alike. The Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) held every year proudly and expertly works to help grow Australia's coffee industry. Thousands attend the yearly event to see the latest in coffee technology and machinery, along with the best Roasters and Baristas in the country.

4. We have our own style of cafes and our own style of coffee.

With such a strong culture it's no wonder that we've put our own style and spin on coffee. According to Ben Bicknell, the strategic project manager for the Five Senses group, “We’ve got a local vernacular for our coffee: the flat white, short black, magic and long macchiato. Most of these drinks are really just slight adjustments on the amount of espresso to milk to foam quantities, but even those small differences can determine whether your daily brew hits the spot.”

So, given that we think Australian coffee culture is the finest on the planet, where should you go to enjoy it at its best? Obviously we can't name every place in a single post so we'll just highlight a few of our current favourites:

1. Coffee Alchemy, Sydney

Their baristas roast their coffee beans in-house. Customers can buy these beans so they can craft their own cups of coffee at home.

2. Patricia Coffee Brewers, Melbourne

A standing-room-only shop for customers on the hunt for artisanal coffee and small, delicious treats.

3. Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Collingwood

A producer of exceptional coffee. This roaster/cafe serves a wide variety of coffee drinks that are sure to satisfy your caffeine needs.

4. Matcha Mylkbar, St. Kilda

If you’re into unique coffee drinks, like red velvet lattes and turmeric lattes, here’s where you should go.

5. Twenty & Six Espresso, North Melbourne

Gorgeous interior, delicious coffee, and an also extensive list of specialty teas.

6. The Kettle Black, Victoria

One of the most “Instagram-worthy” cafes in South Melbourne. There’s a coffee cart in front for those in need of an on-the-go caffeine hit.

7. PURE Boutique Coffee Bar, Adelaide

A coffee shop by day and a bar by night. Pure offers a huge array of blends from around the world and a wide selection of delectable baked goods.

8. Campos Coffee, Newtown

The home to the best-tasting single-origin coffees.

9. Bar 9, Adelaide

Adelaide's most awarded specialty coffee - enough said.

10. La Veen Coffee, Perth City

Serves up cups of coffee made with finely sourced beans and milk. Indeed one of the best cafes in Perth.

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