Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sunny Xmas Day forecast Australia-wide

A warm and dry Christmas Day is on the way aside from a few areas in the northern tropics where rain has been predicted.
A typical Aussie Christmas has been forecast for most of the country: hot and dry.
Fine conditions are predicted for all capital cities on Tuesday, except Darwin where there is a 60 per cent chance of rain and a possible thunderstorm, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.
"We want people to get their Christmas prawns out of the way (in Darwin)," senior meteorologist Claire Yeo told AAP.
While temperatures are expected to reach 34C in Darwin, Adelaide is likely to be the hottest city with a maximum of 35C.
A high pressure system covering most of the country means the chance of rain is low and temperatures should be high.
Canberra will experience a top of 32C, Melbourne will reach 31C and Brisbane 29C with a 20 per cent chance of rain.
A light breeze is expected to pass through Sydney, where the bureau has forecast a low of 17C and high of 28C.
Despite the "beautiful" days ahead, Ms Yeo is warning people not to become complacent.
Christmas could mark the start of a low intensity heatwave inland, with temperatures increasing from the northwest coast of Western Australia extending down into the southeast, Ms Yeo said.
"When you have very hot temperatures bordering into that extreme and a lack of rainfall, it always leads to the potential of fire dangers increasing," she said.

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