Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Diamond Python was found curled up on the sand at Balmoral beach

A TWO-METRE Diamond Python was found curled up on the sand at popular Balmoral beach on Sydney’s north shore on Monday.

The non-venomous snake was captured by a Mosman Council ranger who managed to take a few snaps of the python before relocating it to a reptile refuge.

Typically black in colour on top with cream or yellow spots, the snake gets its name from a series of diamond shaped patterns found all over it.

According to the council, two of its staff had spotted the six-foot snake on the beach during their early morning walk.

“WIRES was also called in, identifying the snake, which was found between Bathers’ Pavilion and the swimming club, and appeared to have been in the water, as a non-venomous Diamond Python, before taking it to a reptile refuge,” it said on its Facebook page.

A teenager who also spotted the “massive” snake told the Mosman Collective, a local blog, he was used to seeing snakes at his Goulburn farm, but never at the beach, claiming it had been there since Sunday afternoon.

He said he and his friend found it near Bathers’ Pavilion following a swim.

“It was the last thing I expected to see at Balmoral — and at first we thought we were seeing things,” Angus Clark said.

“I reckon its head was as big as my fist and it was as thick as my upper arm so yep, I’d call it a pretty massive snake.”

Mosman Councillor and Balmoral resident Roy Bendall said while snakes were around, it was highly unusual to find one on the beach.

“The snake is not venomous and has no risk to humans and no doubt its back in Wyargine Reserve,” he told Mosman Collective.

Sydney snake catcher Rob Amrbose said that while snakes on the headland in Mosman were not unusual, seeing a Diamond Python was rare.

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